Queer rednecks and cowboys?

How can rednecks be queer? We're born that way just like all the other fags. That's how. And don't call me "gay." I'm a red-blooded queer redneck fag.

I'm writing this post to make sure no-one thinks I'm hiding something. Most of my regular readers know that I am homosexual but I seldom blog about "gay" stuff mostly because it is not all that important to me. It is actually the least interesting part of who I am and there's much more significant stuff to write about than what I do in private.

I have known from a very early age that I was homosexual or bisexual and soon realized that it was not accepted by society. But I also read a lot and discovered that I was not alone. The ancient Greeks laid the foundations for Western civilization and practically invented philosophy and democracy yet many were homosexual. Most Greeks were not homosexual - they were bisexual but there were many adult homosexual relationships that were recorded.

The lovers, Aristogeiton and Harmodius, were glorified for overthrowing tyranny in Athens and bringing about democracy. Orestes, the hero of the Oresteia cycle, and Pylades were such a devoted couple that there names were invoked by the Greeks to exemplify loyalty and life-long commitment. Lucian writes in his "History of Orestes and Pylades": Phoeis records from ancient times the history of the love between Orestes and Pylades who, calling on God to be the witness of the passion between them, sailed through life together as though in one boat....When it was decided that one should stay behind to be put to death and the other should go to Mycenae to take a letter, each wanted to remain for the sake of the other. Each thought that saving the life of his friend was more important than saving his own life.

The story of Damon and Phythias has a similar scenario. The two men lived together and had their possessions in common. They were such faithful lovers to each other that, when Dionysius, the tyrant of Syracuse in Sicily, intended to execute Pythias, Damon gave himself up as a pledge of his friend's return because Pythias had been allowed to first go home and arrange his affairs before his death. When Pythias returned to be executed, Dionysius was so moved by their loyalty to each other that he remitted Pythias' sentence of death.

I need not say much about Alexander the Great and Hephaestion because their devotion to each other has been more thoroughly documented and speculated upon in non-academic circles than the aforementioned (including in the latest Oliver Stone clunker of a movie.)

Another example of a long-term adult homosexual relationship is that of Philolaus, a lawyer in Thebes, and his lover, Diocles, an Olympic Athlete. Epaminondas, who led Thebes in its greatest days in the fourth century, saved the life of his life-long lover, Pelopidas, at the battle of Mantinea. They belonged to the Sacred Band of Thebes which was an army composed of pairs of adult male lovers.

Plutarch wrote in his "Life of Pelopidas:" It is stated that [the Sacred Band] was never beaten till the battle at Chaeronea: and when Philip, [Alexander the Great's father] after the fight, took a view of the slain, and came to the place where the three hundred that fought his phalanx lay dead together, he wondered, and understanding that it was the band of lovers, he shed tears and said, "Perish any man who suspects that these men either did or suffered anything that was base."

Plutarch adds: It is a tradition likewise that Iolaus, who assisted Hercules in his labours and fought at his side, was beloved of him; and Aristotle observes that, even in his time, lovers plighted their faith at Iolaus's tomb. It is likely, therefore, that this band [of Thebes] was called sacred on this account; as Plato calls a lover a divine friend.

Plato wrote: Homosexuality is regarded as shameful by barbarians and by those who live under despotic governments just as philosophy is regarded as shameful by them, because it is apparently not in the interest of such rulers to have great ideas engendered in their subjects, or powerful friendships or passionate love - all of which homosexuality is particularly apt to produce."

Yes, I read a lot. By the time that I was ten I had read all the children's books in the library and asked the librarian (the wife of my Scout master) if I could read the adult books. She gave me permission and so began my life-long love of literature. Even before I read the ancient Greeks, I found that some of the men I most revered were homosexual or bisexual such as the Renaissance artists, Donatello, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Caravaggio; the composers Brahms and Ravel, Aaron Copeland and Cole Porter; the playwrights, Shakespeare and Marlowe; the poets, Byron and Gerard Manley Hopkins as well as my favorite writers during my late teens and twenties, D. H. Lawrence and E.M. Forster. I could fill a page with the names of great fags who inspired me.

The point of saying all this is to show what I grew up thinking homosexuality was. To me it was about love, loyalty and devotion and being heroic and brave.

When I was 19, I was introduced to the "gay scene" in South Africa. It took me all of two "gay" parties to realize that I hated it and would never fit in. I decided that I was not "gay" but bisexual and, in my twenties, embarked on a string of long-term love affairs - three with women and two with men and eventually married and fathered my son. When my marriage broke up I decided to stop being bisexual because it was not fair to whatever woman I was with and it was making me crazy and neurotic. I began to hope that I would find one man to whom I could devote my love. I was lucky to find that man 24 years ago and we are still together.

Now compare this with what we know as the "gay life-style" with its malignantly narcissistic drug-fueled "circuit parties," sleazy "gyms" and the predatory promiscuity of anonymous sex. The "gay life-style" is a culture of death. If disease doesn't kill you, psychopathic criminals (as in the case Versace) or meth-crazed murderers (as in the case of Matthew Sheppard) will.

The word "gay" was first used in Victorian times as a euphemism to describe the low-life subculture of drug-takers, barflies, prostitutes and other assorted hustlers and thugs. "Going gay" meant slumming it in the world of whores (of both sexes) and crooks, conmen and drug-addicts. It still has exactly the same connotation today. The "gay life-style" as it is practiced in nearly every city in the West is still a world of drugs, predatory sex and whores (both unpaid cheap sluts and expensive "escorts.")

Also, it needs to be noted that there are plenty of homosexuals who plod along in obscurity either devoting themselves to their loyal partners or wishing for the love of their lives just as we all do. They are mostly decent, kind, considerate friends and neighbors. Some of them are even conservative and patriotic. Quite a few are parents too and deplore the "gay life-style."

I have enjoyed sex since the day I discovered it (when I was initiated at the age of seven by an eleven year old girl) and I even went through my own period of promiscuity in my twenties. My sex-addiction was fueled by drugs. When I stopped using drugs, I started getting sex in proportion - it's a pleasurable but very small part of ordinary everyday life. Even in my sex-addict days, sex did not take up more than the smallest fraction of my life and it never consumed me to the point where I started spending every waking moment obsessed with sex or defining myself by my sexual proclivities. But, that's what gays do. The "gay lifestyle" is fueled by drugs and booze. Gays suppress their God-given modesty and natural inhibitions by using alcohol and drugs like crystal meth. They drown their shame as if it was something evil when shame actually is nature's way of steering us away from anti-social and solipsistically irresponsible behavior. Isn't it funny that the ancient Greeks had a goddess of shame whose name was Aids?

Plato condemned the sexual predators of ancient Athens and since then we have used the phrase "Platonic love" to mean sexless love. That's not what Plato meant. Plato, like most ancient Greeks, accepted sex (both hetero and homo) in a fairly matter-of-fact way. What Plato condemned was the predatory pederasty of his time. He despised men who preyed upon and corrupted young boys but he praised romantic adult love; love that was not driven by lust and hubris. (Hubris came to mean arrogance and egotism but orginally meant rudeness and disrespect.) Plato saw adult homosexuality as a divine and sacred love. That is what is meant by "Platonic love." It does not mean sexless love but it also sure does not mean the type of predatory sexual promiscuity and that one sees among modern "gays."

So, what do you call yourself if you are one of those men (or women) who throughout the ages have been romantically attracted to members of your own sex? The word "gay" to me means those who are not romantic or loyal but shallow and predatory. That's why I prefer to call myself a "fag" and not "gay."

But the predatory promiscuity of gays is not the only reason that I loathe the gay life-style and refuse to call myself "gay."

The word "gay" has also accrued to itself (thanks to "gay activists") a particularly virulent and subversive leftist political connotation. Gays are proud to call themselves the new "blacks" and try to cloak their basically silly and vacuous agenda of getting special rights for their sexual proclivities with the gravitas of "civil rights" when ironically many blacks (most of whom who are old-fashioned, God-fearing church-goers) despise them and think of them as immoral. A black skin (which was once a serious handicap in a negrophobic world but no longer is among civilized people) is not the same as homosexuality.

Now, if gays had been created bright green by God or had penises sticking out of their faces where their noses should be (as many would no doubt like) and if their greenness or their odd organs were the objects of bigotry and were therefore an obvious handicap, I might say that it would be fair to give them special rights. But "gays" do not have any God-given visible handicap. If a gay tells me that he is "handicapped" in the same way that blacks once were, I'll tell him that to stop waving his willie around in public and keep his sex life private because his only handicaps are his big mouth and his undisciplined dick. Why do we need to know about anybody's sex life? Why would we be interested? Gays don't seem to realize that most people are not interested in other peoples' sex lives. Well gays don't seem to realize that there is a whole lot more to life that sex.

I've survived and prospered and been trusted and respected all my life by nearly everyone I've known in spite of being queer - and I've been open and honest about it ever since I figured out that I was homosexual or bisexual at the age of fourteen. The arrogant "gay pride" willie-wavers have done me no favors and I think that the angry, petulant demands for special treatment by "gay activists" has done more harm than good.

Yes, I despise the leftist political agenda of the "gay activists." Most gays have joined the "Hate America Club" and seem to think that European-style statism and socialism is better than individual sovereignty and responsibility. Gays have chosen the left fork in the road of political and cultural evolution. Instead of chosing cool, calm, logical, Lockean liberal individualism (the epitome of which is the American Revolution) they have chosen the collectivism and class-warfare mentality which brought about the horrors of the French and Russian Revolutions.

I don't mind if gays want to politicize their sexual preferences and turn it into a collectivist agenda and try to force cultural change through politics. It's none of my business. Just as it is none of their business if I prefer to keep my homosexuality private and hopefully change hearts and minds through my character, my usefulness to society, ordinary common courtesy and good-neighborliness. Decent, modest homosexuals who have gone about their lives being good neighbors and productive, trustworthy members of society have quietly changed peoples' hearts and minds more than the noisiest and most aggressive "gay activists" ever have.

There are not only queer rednecks but queer cowboys too.