Socialism is the problem not the solution

In the 1930s, the Communist Party of the USA circulated a memo telling its members to stop using the words socialism and communism because Americans were suspicious of those concepts. They were urged to use the words "liberal" or "progressive" instead. That was the first big lie that the American left told and we've been stuck with it ever since. How can anything the left says be truthful when it was based on deception from the start?

The other day I said that the socialists have controlled the USA for the past 40 years. Actually I should have said 60 years because it started with that womanizing two-faced weasel called Franklin Delano Roosevelt. My parents worshipped FDR and named me after him. My middle name is Delano.

When I started studying the history of USA politics before I became a citizen, I discovered what an immoral hypocrite FDR was and, since then, I refuse to use my middle name. As Judge Janice Rogers Brown said: "The slippery slope to socialism and the slow erosion of the liberty guaranteed by the Constitution began with the introduction of Social Security by President Franklin Roosevelt."

How did socialism come to be accepted in the USA? It is obviously the antithesis of the true freedom, independence, individual sovereignty, self-sufficiency and personal responsibility which are the foundation stones of the American Revolution. It came about because the socialists/liberals appealed to the guilt of the rich to help the poor during the Depression.

Who doesn't want to help the poor? Well, for a start, many of the poor don't want to help themselves. Well, a certain type of poor person doesn't: those who are mired in laziness, lack of intitiative and bitter resentment of the rich. Any politician who appeals to envy and resentment with promises of taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor will obviously succeed among those types.

The Depression affected the entire world (including South Africa which is why my parents worshipped FDR.) The suffering could not be ignored. Now why didn't the very wealthy FDR and his rich buddies step in and take care of the poor out of Christian charity? Because they weren't true Christians. It was easier on their own pockets to tax the middle-class and redistribute the money to the poor.

FDR introduced socialism when it seemed like the only solution to a terrible problem. And so began the slide down that "slippery slope" into the mess we have now. Then Lyndon Johnson greased that slippery slope with his "Great Society." Who could deny that negroes were at a disadvantage? Who could be so cruel as to turn a blind eye to that suffering? Once again the socialists appealed to our sense of guilt.

The result of this has been several generations of welfare-dependent basket cases which was so dramatically shown recently in New Orleans (and also in France during their Muslim riots.) So much for socialist "band-aid" policies. Socialism is a hypocritical appeal to our sense of guilt and can never be the real solution. It simply postpones the inevitable: people will eventually have to take care of themselves or else they become less than human.

I lived in the UK for eight years and saw first hand what decades of socialism do to people. Europeans are infantilzed by their reliance on government. They are immature and irresponsible and think everything is about pleasure and making jokes. If you think I am kidding or generalizing too broadly, then you have obviously not lived and worked in Europe.

Socialism also does another horrible thing to people: it robs them of true compassion. Why do you have to worry about taking care of your neighbor when the government will do it? Recently a woman was gang-raped on a train in France by thirty punks. No one intervened to help her because "it had not been reported to the authorities."

When I lived in the UK, many of the people of my generation lived permanently "on the dole." Thatcher tried to change that and succeeded to a point but the "Big Brother will take care of me" mentality is hard to eradicate after so many generations of living on government hand-outs.

I know we can't turn the clock back. We're stuck with socialism but I'll spend the rest of my life opposing it. I don't mind compromising. It's just that compromise can't happen unless you first strongly oppose what you disagree with and then gracefully relent a bit. And I will oppose any further introduction of socialism. We have enough already and it hasn't done anyone any good whatsoever.

The other area in which government "social engineering" has created a Frankenstein monster is in the arena of race relations. Because of socialist hypocrisy we are stuck with MLK Day, a day dedicated to a man who was a communist, an adulterer and anything but a real role-model for our kids unless you want them to grow up to be whining demanding spoilt brats who think they can get their own way simply by "protesting." And that is exactly the mentality of the hip-hop generation.